Electric cars, driverless cars and even flying cars are seeing global media attention at the moment as companies across the globe strive to come up with new and innovative ways to transport us from A – B. Going are the days of gas guzzling petrol and diesel cars that we are so familiar with. Instead, as new technologies come to market, new brands are emerging to define the automotive industry aside from the traditionally established vehicle market players that we know and love.

Recently, two companies have collaborated together to produce a 3D printed electric car named the LSEV. Shanghai-based 3D printing company Polymaker and Turin, and Italy-based electric car start-up business XEV, produced the car in just 3 days, which is on par with the production of a typically manufactured car.

The 3D printed car only uses 57 components

Apart from the seats, chassis and glass, the car’s 57 printed components were much less than the typical 20.000 components used to build a regular car. The LSEV looks similar to a SMART car yet is slightly smaller- perfect for city driving!

It is hoped that the LSEV will begin full production as of late 2018 with anticipation to start selling into Europe by mid-2019.

And it doesn’t just stop with 3D printed cars! Currently innovators are looking at new ways to produce 3D printed bikes and new methods of transportation to move us efficiently using public transport but that will also be kinder to the environment.

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