Manufacturing products using 3D printing technology is slowly developing into mainstream markets, however some developers are wary of the end products produced because of the low density plastic which can often seem flimsy. Alternatively, printing metal can be much stronger but it is also a more costly process.  So what other choices are there available to manufacturers who wish to use 3D printing technology in the production of product development?

Well USA based company Markforged, think that they have come up with a solution by producing a plastic that is supposed to be as strong as metal.

According to their website:  “ADAM (Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing) prints same-day metal parts with strength in all axes and geometries not available through machining”. “The company claims that it’s X5 printed material can replace machined aluminium in industrial applications”.

The Markfold X5 printer, produces products with a ‘custom plastic-fibre composite’ by using a continuous strand of fibreglass in the fibre filament whilst a second material requires special hardware generically installed inside the X5 printer to produce the product.

With less material waste and printing of speeds of up to 50 times faster, these X5 printing machines are producing products that are 10 times stiffer than standard ABS plastic.

Manufacturing companies who require stronger methods of 3D Printing Technology

This is great news for the 3D printing technology sector and for those industries looking to adopt the new technology into their own manufacturing processes.

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