Online Retail giant Amazon has just announced record high sales for 2017, with a substantial result of £2.3billion in export sales on Marketplace last year.

It is now estimated that over 60% of UK based businesses who are selling through Amazon, are exporting abroad, which demonstrates the value that Amazon provides to independent UK business owners who are looking to sell much further than just here in the UK.

The successful concept from Amazon is that it provides an opportunity for local small businesses to sell much further a field than they may have ever anticipated, with relatively low start-up costs.

The Amazon Academy is expanding across the UK

In recognising this, Amazon has released new locations for its Amazon Academy for 2018. Formally held last year in Birmingham, Manchester and London, the Amazon Academy proved to be such a success that it will now be delivered this year in Glasgow, Cardiff and Newcastle.

The Academy’s main goal is to bring together Amazon sellers, to train and educate company owners on how to sell successfully through their Marketplace. By sharing ideas, looking at new ways to improve productivity to boost exports and increase revenue for individual business owners, Amazon recognises that by incorporating Amazon FBA sellers into their fulfilment programme vision, it is vital for the company’s sustainability and growth for the future; not only Amazon but for the businesses themselves, as it’s important that both are on-board together.

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