Online retail giant Amazon have just been awarded a patent for printing 3D printed orders received via a new retailing system.  In an effort to be first in line to provide this type of service to the consumer market, Amazon first filed the patent back in 2013.

The process of 3D printing has been well established for some years now, with the ability to print products and product elements across several industries, however to date this type of process has been used more within the commercial sector rather than the domestic market.

With Amazon now able to offer this service, 3D printing has the capacity to become more accessible to everyday customers who are looking for replacement parts and single printed items.

By placing an order through their Amazon shop, customers will eventually order items online straight from their smartphone. Back at the Amazon depot or third-party marketplace supplier, the product will be sourced through an online catalogue of digital CAD templates. The product will then be printed, parcelled and dispatched direct to the customer.

The patent enables Amazon to be first in offering this type of ordering system

This forward-thinking approach to patent the process, not only allows Amazon to be first retailer in offering this type of service but also demonstrates how the future of 3D printing could infiltrate into our everyday lives in the same way that Alexa has! Offering this online ordering method not only saves time, but also provides a responsive demand and supply service as businesses will have gain full control over printing the exact amount of product required by the customer each time, rather than anticipating and producing the quantity that they might order.

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