Back in 2016, we highlighted how Amazon’s 2015 Dash facility was offering Amazon prime customers a new and unique way to replenish and reorder products by pressing the Dash button! –

Linked to their Amazon Prime account, the Wi-Fi enabled Dash can reorder goods that are running low with a quick push of the button. Although at the time, this method of buying online may have been regarded as a novelty idea, Amazon Dash has definitely challenged the concept as to how we order goods online.

Roll on 3 years and Amazon has now been able to take this ordering process one step further.  In their latest venture, Amazon has teamed up with white goods company’s BOSH and Siemens to provide an IOT facility for dishwashers so that they may re-order dishwasher tablets through the owner’s Amazon Prime account. When the machine is about to run out, it uses internal sensors to detect when consumables are running low and together with Wi-Fi technology the order is transmitted straight to the customer’s Amazon Prime Account.

Amazon Prime Replenishment Products could be the future

It is anticipated that there will be more ‘replenishment-products’ on the market in the future to those customers who own an Amazon Prime account.  Coffee machines will be able to re-order consumables, washing machines will re-order detergent and printers will re-order ink.

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