Four of the largest online retail stores, Amazon retailer, Ebay, Rakuten and Alibaba have recently signed a pledge with the European Commission to be more co-operative in removing dangerous items from their selling pages.

Based on ‘suggested operational measures’ the pledge although not legally binding aims to speed up the process of recall which often comes from the manufacturer rather than the distributor.

This is great news for customers who use these sites to buy products as they will now have more resources to support them should they buy a product which is not deemed satisfactory. The new agreement will apply to all illegal products according to the European Commission. These include: “terrorist content, incitement to hatred and violence, child sexual abuse material, counterfeit products and copyright infringement”.

In a recent quote on Wired’s online blog – “Amazon and eBay sign a deal to tackle dangerous and dodgy goods”, by senior associate Russell Williamson at law firm Bird and Bird it states, ‘this is part of an effort to put “more emphasis and requirements on distributors rather than just producers”, in a similar way to how the EC regards social networks like Facebook with greater scrutiny because of the influence they wield.’

Amazon retailer receives positive award for customer satisfaction

This is a positive step for the Amazon retailer who despite negative press with regards to some of their employment ethics and responsibility to suppliers, have recently just come top just ahead of John Lewis in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index.

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