Distribution is rapidly growing as the internet continues to drive online sales. Warehouse third party fulfilment is big business with a key objective whereby products can be stored picked, packed and delivered on behalf of third parties who have very little involvement in the process beyond the sourcing and selling of products and providing customer service.

As Amazon continues to drive itself as a global brand, FEDex is also demonstrating itself as a growing competitor to Amazon as it too looks to diversify into other areas of fulfilment and continue its established presence in distribution sector.

Fedex which incorporated in 1997 in Memphis, America, began as a distribution business, known for its overnight shipping services and pioneering ability to track packages, providing real-time updates on package location; a system which is now used by many package distribution operatives.

Fedex who over the years, has been a main distributor for Amazon is now looking to provide third party fulfilment services to smaller retailers, whilst Amazon which has portrayed fulfilment as a positive and growing initiative continually seeks to grow its business by offering further support by recruiting more third party vendors.

Whilst Amazon relies of Fedex and United Parcel Service (UPS) to deliver orders to its own customers, it is also now looking to establish its own delivery service and reduce some of its supply through Fedex with a goal to further its self-sufficiency, fending off stiff competition from the likes of Wallmart and Target.

How we could help your business with third party fulfilment services

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