Artificial Intelligence (AI) has often been associated with sci-fi films and books throughout recent decades. Sci-fi characters that are half robot and half real, yet fictional characters have regularly been at the forefront of Hollywood blockbusters.  Teamed with outstanding computer graphics their characters have remarkably come to life and captured our attention.

The writer’s ability to create these characters that can automate scenarios and even turn on their own kind, is nothing new in the cinematic world.  Yet, what is astonishing is that in real-life and using AI technology, these characters are becoming less fictional and more of a reality.

Artificial intelligence in real-life robots is becoming a reality

In a recent study by University of Oxford and University of Cambridge, they warned that Artificial intelligence could be used as a potential weapon by hacking into drones and autonomous vehicles.

“Autonomous cars like Google’s (Waymo) are already using deep learning, can already raid obstacles in the real world,” Guy Caspi, CEO of cybersecurity start-up Deep Instinct, told CNBC’s new podcast “Beyond the Valley.” “so, raiding traditional anti-malware system in cyber domain is possible.”

“Such attacks, which seem like science fiction today, might become reality in the next few years,”

Because computer technology can repeatedly process programming methods, there would be nothing to stop computers programming themselves and each other. The other issue is that of the hacker – if the technology is accessed via the wrong programmer, the outcome could be fatal!

Whilst this development in artificial intelligence technology is still in its infancy, the situation is indeed evolving more rapidly. With internet of things (IOT) becoming more recognised in our homes and day-to-day lives, what was once a creative idea is now becoming more believable and attainable.

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