Bitcoin cryptocurrency has received worldwide media attention over recent months, but in the face of its own popularity it suddenly saw a decline in its market value during March 2018 when it dropped back down to around its November 2017 value.

As countries across the globe have begun cracking down on how the blockchain currency ‘bitcoin’ is promoted and accordingly invested in, it seems that the media hype has been successful in promoting the negative impact of bitcoin cryptocurrency, which has been sufficient enough to change public perception through fears that it is no better than a typical form of gambling.

With blockchain technology offering a more secure and encrypted method to support the bitcoin cryptocurrency phenomena, only a few months ago there was global intrigue about where to invest and the possibility of how bitcoin could benefit individuals who were willing to take the plunge and invest their hard-earned cash for the virtual currency. Bitcoin’s market value rose through the winter months of 2017 / early 2018 and across the world individuals were looking intensely at how this new innovative method of banking could offer a profitable method of investment for the future.

Well-known technology companies are drawing away from the advertising of bitcoin cryptocurrency

However, since the recent change in public perception, even the well-known technology firms such as Facebook, Google and Twitter have restricted their advertising of Bitcoin and email marketing company Mailchimp, have also implemented a ban.

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