Cyber security issues in relation to Internet of Things has been raised about versions of the Amazon Echo which were designed before 2017, since it was realised that hackers could potentially be watching us!

In older versions of the Amazon Echo, it has been technologically proved by a British security researcher that when he connected an SD card from the internal structure of the device to his computer, malware could be installed to stream audio from the hacked device to a main server. Amazon has since reported to blogging website Wired that this discrepancy has now been fixed in newer versions of the device.

Warnings against using Amazon Echo in public places

Re-creating this scenario could be disastrous for those using Amazon Echo in public places, however it shouldn’t have as big effect on customers who use the device within their home as the area is more concealed and protected. The issue lies with commercial properties such as hotels and offices who are increasingly using Echo as a tool for convenience for customers to connect too. The researcher recommended that if you are in a public place where an Amazon Echo is visible, then turn it off as you do not know who has used it before you. Finally, the advice is to never buy or use an Amazon Echo that looks like it has been tampered with.

Is your business applying Internet of Things Technology to improve product efficiency?

IOT technology is expanding and whilst it’s developments are very exciting in terms of its capabilities to connect inanimate objects with users, there are security issues which need to be addressed. Cyber security vulnerabilities and the ability to intercept and access information where owners are unaware of its occurrence is happening. To find out how you can integrate Internet of Things technology safely, please contact out IOT insurance team for further information.

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