By 2021 the UK’s cyber security industry is set to be worth £2.6 billion according to the Department of International Trade (DIT).

With this in mind and in conjunction with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, the UK government have recognised that further education is required in training companies on how to promote their goods through export opportunities and are seeking to support the UK SME cyber security industry nationally.

Here in the UK we build and manufacture great brands! We are admired globally for our high standard of design and levels of quality across many industries and this includes our IT services within the gaming industry and the cyber security industry.  However, whilst UK SME’s are great at building products to sell within our own country, companies don’t always have the resources to take them to larger markets and especially when it comes to exporting abroad into Europe and further.

Training the cyber security industry in export is key!

Knowing where to access these markets, how to network, over-coming language barriers, the logistics of distribution and understanding export / import tax are just some of the knowledge and tools which businesses will need to understand more clearly and in light of Brexit.

It is anticipated that by exporting our own cyber security services globally, that we will not only endeavour to protect business and organisations in other countries but also re-invest back in to our own economy to further improve services, whilst re-investing into research and development to improve the fight against cyber-attacks across the globe.

For more information on protecting your business with cyber security and building a cyber attack strategy, please speak to our specialist cyber security team. Covering many areas of IT we build bespoke insurance packages to protect businesses so that they may operate safely within the IT industry. In addition, we are also here to assist if you are also looking to export products outside the UK, please see our export insurance page for more details.

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