For SME’s and business who are embarking on growth, employing a non-executive director can be a positive step for business who want to draw on experience and share the development of a businesses.

Getting professional experience in business finance, establishing a brand, looking at the supply chain, staff training and planning for future growth, as well as the daily tasks of running a company can sometimes be a strain for business owners. Having someone to share information with and gain a new / outside perspective can create new ways of thinking, open-up new contacts and provide opportunity for companies to not only focus but also prepare for expansion.

A non-executive director acts as a level of support to business owners

A non-executive director can bring a fresh approach with lots of experience to a business based on their own experiences and especially if they have also owned a business. A non-executive director can offer support to business owners and can also be a mentor but without getting wrapped up in the daily office politics of a company.  By just working for a couple of days per month for the company, non-exec directors can help to focus business owners and implement plans for the future, driving the business forward and accordingly taking it to the next level.

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