Opening up a package to unveil a new IOT device can be exciting! The opportunity to create a more streamlined approach to homes by automating audio & visual equipment or setting up a unique gadget for a kitchen to programme a fridge or washing machine could save time on the daily chores in the long run.

So how can you operate your IOT device safely?

Not reading the instructions that come with an IOT device and going straight into set-up mode is often so tempting.  Unfortunately though, consumer could be putting themselves and their households at risk by missing important information which will keep the IOT device secure.  Understanding the product and how it works through a connection is essential in the prevention of a cyber security breach, especially when bringing it into the home or office.

IOT device products require the WIFI installed at the property so that they can connect. It is important that consumers understand the capabilities of the WIFI as much as the product they are installing. Setting up separate micro networks within the main WIFI network and then adding each individual IOT device to each micro network with a unique password will ensure a tight cyber liability regime. In doing so, should one product become compromised in the long run, then it won’t affect the others as they run on separate networks.

Finally, password protection is key! Whilst there is an ethical change happening within the IOT device industry which is ensure that the coding of devices does not use the same passwords throughout all technology, there are still some products coming to market that may not be abiding by this.  By immediately updating password from the default password issued with the product from the manufacturer once it is installed, will help to reduce any vulnerabilities of the product’s cyber liability in the first instance.

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