It seems that Amazon’s FBA Online Marketplace is still a popular place for businesses who wish to sell their goods online. Enabling third party sellers to sell new or used goods for a fixed price through its e-commerce platform, FBA Amazon Marketplace aims to broaden sellers’ customer base by offering a quick and effortless option to begin selling immediately- without all the set-up logistics which is often associated with launching an ecommerce business online.

As a lucrative business model, Amazon charges its retailers a set percentage for each product sold and then additional service fees to pick, pack and distribute.  Although the FBA figures for the US have seen a slower growth recently, possibly due to an already well-established position, the likes of Europe and even China are now seeing greater growth as Amazon FBA merchant sellers in other countries see the advantage in signing up with Amazon.

FBA Amazon Marketplace is ideal for online businesses looking to grow

For businesses looking to grow their profile and reach out to consumer demand across the world, FBA Amazon Marketplace offers a great platform to do allow companies to expand.

As Amazon continues to grow as a business across many areas of the digital market and now with third-party sales accounting for approximately 40% of Amazon’s annual sales, one of their main focuses is to eventually offer solely Prime products, whereby all sellers will come under Amazon FBA rather than operating independently.

This comes at a time when Amazon launched its Amazon Prime Day on 11th July 2017. It is a black Friday style discount event where for one day only, Amazon prime membership will be reduced by £20 to just £59 as a limited time joining fee and where members can receive discounted offers on goods with new deals emerging every 5 minutes throughout the day.

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