In preparation for 25th May 2018, UK businesses should be well under way in preparing for the new GDPR legislation so that they have peace of mind that they are operating within the new GDPR regulation.

Rob Perry, vice president of product marketing for ASG Technologies, says “Recognising his four ‘P’s’: Preparation, Production, Performance, Persistence” is crucial to outline a solid grounding as to what GDPR is all about and to ensure that a good level of protection is in place in rder to meet GDPR legislation.

Preparation – Ask the question, “How much of my data would be affected”. This gives an outline to the nature of the task that businesses are taking on so that they may begin an evaluation process for the platforms in which they operate so as to find solutions to the any problems they may encounter.

Production – Examine the data that the business holds to determine what needs to be done to protect it to meet regulation. Some businesses maybe collecting data that they don’t actually need and may wish to terminate this process.

Performance – Implementing new platforms and carrying out process changes prior to the GDPR launch date will improve the overall performance of the business and will make headway to meet the new legislation criteria.

Persistence – Fine tuning now and thinking that you are done will not be an option. Compliance with GDPR will take continued commitment.  Regular and up to date educating of staff and looking at ways in which to improve business systems is an ongoing task which should be evaluated on a continual basis.

Crendon Insurance are here to advise on GDPR Legislation

If your company is now looking at ways to meet the requirements of the new GDPR legislation, then please talk to our data protection team here at Crendon insurance Ltd. With our knowledge and experience in the field of data protection we are able to guide business and organisations in the right direction, to ensure that they meet compliance.

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