Whilst UK businesses prepare themselves on the embark of GDPR legislation (General Data Protection Regulation) which is due to come into effect in May2018.  Companies are beginning to learn and understand more about what is expected of them in the managing, transferring and storing data, so that they may comply effectively and operate safely.

In light of this influential change for EU businesses, across the pond in the USA, Facebook is also facing an enormous challenge because of the new GDPR legistlation enforcement. Whilst the legislation is required to apply to European accounts, it isn’t for US citizens and this has sparked some debate by US citizens who are keen that they should too also be entitled to receive the level of protection to safeguard their private information from the likes of Facebook and Google.

Facebook is under scrutiny in terms of data protection & GDPR legislation

On Wednesday 11th April, Director of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg faced questions by congress over the recent findings with regard to Cambridge Analytica and the implications of how data was compromised during the last US elections. Zuckerberg has already indicated that whilst he is prepared to adhere to EU regulation for Facebook in Europe, the same levels of privacy may not apply to users in the USA. This has caused some backlash in the US, who believe that they should also have the same rights as we will be entitled too here in the EU.

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