Google is currently under investigation when it was recently believed that the company had unlawfully collected data from 5.4 million UK iphone users between June 2011 & February 2012.  By bypassing default privacy settings on the Safari browser, known as ‘the Safari Workaround’, this process could effectively track our browsing history, which Google could then use to sell iphone users their targeted advertising.

Richard Lloyd, a former executive director of consumer group Which? is leading a group called ‘Google You Owe Us’ with advice from City law firm Mischon de Reya. Together, they are investigating concerns over the ‘breach of principles’ under ‘violation of trust’ within the UK’s data protection laws. ‘Google You Owe Us’ has raised legal action against the company with an aim to compensate everyone who was affected.

Google earns huge advertising revenue’s

To put it into perspective, Google makes huge amounts of revenue from targeted advertising. In 2016 alone, it earned $80 billion in targeted advertising. The group’s aim is to retrieve back revenue which has been made from individuals without their consent to do so. ‘Google You Owe Us’ states on their website that, “users affected will not need to do anything as the law firm is automatically working on their behalf”.

In response to the investigation, a Google spokesperson said: “This is not new. We have defended similar cases before. We don’t believe it has any merit and we will contest it.”

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