As we begin to see Internet of Things (IOT) technology used far more in our homes, so too are our cars also seeing subtle developments. WiFi, ECU and locking are just some of the elements of a car where the Internet is used to provide a service. Whilst these facilities can improve efficiency for drivers, the one underlying issue is the hacker-threat!

Already known for their ability to sabotage computer devices, TV’s, toys and home products, hackers will do everything they can to bring down systems for their own monetary gain or pleasure. As vehicles become more connected through the integration of IOT technology and with the development of driverless cars now emerging, we have to also ask how we drivers be protected in the future?

If  hackers can infiltrate televisions then it’s certain that those hackers will be able to compromise a car and in doing so, this could result in nightmare consequences on individuals and even the whole transport network. What if a hacker could just suddenly stop a car dead from driving? Or what if the hacker could immediately lock the doors, thus not allowing the driver to get in or out of the car? Bringing a whole motorway to a standstill or causing a huge collision could certainly be inevitable and the dangers could be utterly astronomical.

Cyber Security is key to combating hackers

The issue here is that the technology is advancing so fast and the cyber security of these products is paramount. One way to achieve a higher level of safety against hackers would be that cars run their own individual routers with individual password protected WIFI systems. Using generic code across the similar car fleets just won’t be an option.

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