If you’re thinking of selling overseas, then there are some important points to consider with relation to Intellectual Property Advice.

If selling overseas IP rules can alter from country to country. Your brand, your innovations and the products or designs you sell are at the core of your company, however as soon as you begin advertising and promoting through websites and other online media, your company could be vulnerable to plagiarism.

Here are some recommendations suggested by the ‘UK Intellectual Property Office’ (IPO), ‘Open to Export’ and Crendon Insurance Ltd, that will set you on the right path in terms of Intellectual Property Advice:


  1. Good Intellectual Property Advice - Ensure you research and get seek out some good advice with regards to your brand, designs and inventions. The IPO offer a free online course to train you on the terms – http://www.ipo.gov.uk/blogs/equip/
  2. IP Protection Strategy - Devising an IP protection strategy is a great place to begin. Trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are all superb methods that will build up your Intellectual Property. You can find out how to register your Trademark here – https://www.gov.uk/how-to-register-a-trade-mark/apply
  3. Employment – If you’re employing staff then make sure that your intellectual property is outlined through contracts and training by enforcing Intellectual Property as a company asset
  4. Translation – Utilise good translation methods in terms of contracts where you intend to do business and export abroad. You can find further reading on translation at: https://opentoexport.com/article/the-role-of-translation-when-entering-international-markets/
  5. IP Protection Methods – Use a range of methods to cover all areas of your brand and invention in order that you may protect your company thoroughly
  6. Intellectual Property Insurance – Intellectual Property safe guards your brand by licensing your intellectual property rights, will pursue infringers to obtain an injunction, defend your license, plus much more. You can find out further information at Crendon Insurance Ltd – http://www.crendoninsurance.co.uk/our-products-services/intellectual-property/

For more information on any of the above and to find out how Intellectual property Insurance could benefit your brand or invention then please contact our Intellectual Property Advice team at Crendon Insurance Ltd. We treat each case in confidence and will not disclose information to any third parties.

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