The UK’s Intellectual property Office (IPO) has just released a set of tools to assist in educating primary school children on the understanding of piracy, trademarks, copyright and patent law, in an effort to give young people an insight as to how to obtain and use information found online, correctly.

Previously, the IPO had only produced information for GCSE level children, but never for those of a younger age. The IPO anticipates that by educating young people earlier will give them a foundation into areas of intellectual property and will be a benefit to those who are accessing websites.

In today’s society, children are very advanced in accessing images and information online and because of this, children are using devices from an early age but don’t always understand that images, video, music, gaming and films are protected by copyright laws – neither do they recognise the negative impact of file sharing.

Copyright Infringement has seen a decline since 2013

Previously, individuals would search online for illegal streaming channels to access video material; however, in recent years the Media Industry has seen a decline in copyright infringement by a substantial 30% since 2013. This is successfully due to the rise in access to subscribed services through companies such as Netflix and Spotify, who provide a monthly subscription channel so that people can stream music, films, documentaries and dramas of their choice.

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