China has often been a country associated with a relaxed attitude towards intellectual property rights and plagiarism.  Stealing hundreds of billions of dollars, worth of intellectual property from the US and Europe, China has repeatedly been seen as a little short sited in it’s ability to create its own status on the world stage in terms of manufacturing quality goods using its own brand identity.

However, it now seems that their ethos is about to change!

As of September 2018, China will take a more serious approach to intellectual property rights according to a recent announcement on its government website –

In a recent article by – China to Setup Technical Support System against IP Infringement. It stated that, “China is looking to establish a technical support system to detect, monitor and track evidence of intellectual property (IP) infringement and counterfeiting by 2020”.

The new technical support system will feature basic databases which will incorporate:

  • core information of IP authorisation files,
  • IP infringement judgements to support artificial intelligence learning,
  • IP transfer permits
  • Major IP products and services

Finally, an intelligent detection system will be set up to “identify and track evidence of IP infringement and counterfeiting”. The detection system will “include a list of products and enterprises prone to IP infringement, based on big data analysis”.


The new technical support system will help those fighting for intellectual property rights in China

Law enforcement departments and those who require online assistance and guidance on will also be given access via connected management system so that they too can utilise intellectual property rights information for legal reasons as and when required.

Are you applying intellectual property rights to protect design patents and the manufacture of goods within your business? Protecting a product from proto-type through to mass production is an essential detail so that manufacturers can survive against counterfeit companies, especially when a unique concept or brand is created.

Here at Crendon Insurance Ltd, we provide intellectual property rights insurance to protect companies and the development of their products from concept stage, through to development and manufacture, including protecting within the supply chain, finally through to customer purchase and end user. For more information on how we can support your business further please contact our intellectual insurance team.

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