Historically AI and IOT have always been considered two different process within IT technology. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been associated with human based processes and was born through the motivation to boost human interaction by driving new methods of technological innovation. On the other hand, IOT (Internet of Things) has been developed for product-based processes, with an aim to improve automation from human to product using pre-set commands on a single network and comes more from business-led innovation.

Although the two types of technology have each been individually established for some time now and have come from different methods of intelligence, both are actually very similar in the way that they interact with people or objects. AI and IOT have recently been recognised for not only their individuality but for new innovations as a whole by using the very best elements of their technology.

Whilst initially the possibilities for IOT was positively endless; unfortunately, malware seems to be stopping the Internet of Things in its tracks. Since 2106 malware has infiltrated the network and has caused many issues for manufacturers wishing to develop interactive products.  With IOT not having a good history in terms of cyber security, integrating with AI could certainly now be the way forward.


Intelligent IOT is the future

It is now hoped that by 2020, there will be several IOT products on the market which will include in-built AI. The benefit of AI is that the technology is built on nodes and as we have leant in recent blockchain articles, nodes can be eliminated quickly from the network if they suddenly different or concerning behaviours. This will be key in the future developments of intelligent IOT and will enable the market to open up many intelligent IOT opportunities.

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