You might have thought that long time rivals, Apple and Microsoft would have been first in line to bring out their competing Audio interactive speakers as this last Christmas’s hot gadget of the year, however this time you would be wrong. Christmas 2017 was certainly the year for Audio smart speakers but instead, it was the likes of Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home Mini which went head to head!

Both priced at £49 in the UK, it has since been reported that Amazon actually sold its Echo Dot smart interactive speaker at a loss at $5 a piece against Google’s Home Mini smart interactive speaker during Christmas 2017.  However, Amazon have reported as selling more units and were even throwing them in for free with other ‘limited time only’, in-app gaming offers. So why would Amazon make such a leap at such a loss?

Some have speculated that Amazon have gone all out to corner the market and be first in place to sweep the consumer demand; after all the Echo isn’t just a speaker but can seamlessly streamline orders straight to Amazon online customer baskets which can only be a benefit to the company.

In addition, the Amazon Echo has had great reviews for not only its aesthetic look but also its sound quality and level of technology which performs really well through its Audio helpful hand Alexa.

The Impact of IOT Technology in Interactive Speakers

With whichever interactive speaker brand customers decide to go for, one thing is certain, the global home automation system is set to grow by 11% from 2016 – 2023. The main concern is how these innovative technology devices will stay safe in terms of cyber security within our homes. Having Alexa to organise your daily duties is all very well, but if she gets hacked it’ll be over very quickly with users ending up with in all kinds of mess. Nobody wants unwanted deliveries on their doorsteps, not to mention hackers playing havoc with their lighting and heating. Providing password protected, original technology on independent and privately secure networks is key to their future and maybe this is why Amazon have sort to be out there first, so that they have complete control in the future of these possible scenarios.

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