As the Internet of Things continues to shape our environment and our day to day lives, it is extremely important that businesses, manufacturers and end users recognise their responsibility towards its operation and use.  Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that IOT products are secure from development level right through to daily activity.

By 2020 it is estimated that there will be tens of billions of connected devices in operation, both in homes and businesses. That proves just how much ‘internet of things’ is enhancing our work and personal lives and d it is not just those techy customers! IOT products are helping to improve the lives of the elderly by enhancing accessibility, IOT is educating children through play and interaction and IOT technology is making our lives overall a lot more efficient.

The question is – how does product safety work, what are the liability issues and who is there to protect everyone involved?

In terms of IOT technology and safety regulation, the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) provides legislation to ensure that products meet statutory safety requirements under EU law. If there are no standards in place, then compliance will refer to “other reference documents such as national standards, Commission recommendations, codes of practice”, according to EU product safety rules.

If an IOT product is deemed defective, then legislation by the Product Liability Directive (PLD) provides key rules around liability concerns. However, because of the advancing developments in IT are fast outpacing regulations already in place, the legislation is currently under review and will be geared more towards IOT products in the future.

As a manufacturer for IOT products, security really is the key to success.

Ensuring that IOT products are tested thoroughly and analysis for potential vulnerabilities is carried out and reviewed before bringing a product to market, is critically important.

As a user we also have a responsibility. We should update passwords as soon as we activate the IOT product. Ensuring that our networks are secure, firewalls are in place and regularly updating smartphone apps which are connected to the product, will all go a long way towards tightening the overall security of the product.

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