It is anticipated that e-commerce in terms of an online retail website will grow by 8-12% during 2017, according to the National Federation of Retail.

This is great news for online retailer website owners who use these platforms to sell & export their goods.  In addition, it provides revenue and new project developments including advancements in IT for web developers and hosting companies who support them in order that may provide a slick operation when selling products online.

Some of the key aspects to consider when reviewing the performance of your online retail website include:

  1. Enhanced Security – Hosting companies and web developers have a duty to ensure that your website is protected. Using encrypted passwords to protect files, databases and admin panels whilst using patches to keep the server is secure will help to defend against any unwanted hackers.
  2. Payment Options – Synchronizing payment facilities to the website and using specialist third party payment providers will ensure that the customers are provided with a secure experience. Using a customised cart will ensure that the system is already thoroughly tested.
  3. Page Speed – Website pages should load quickly. Slow pages will deter customers from using your website to order purchase products. By optimizing images and offering thumbnails rather than full sized images will improve this.
  4. Responsive Websites – Smartphone UK e-commerce purchases is set to rise to £43bn by 2020 according to a new report from OC&C Strategy Consultants, Google and PayPal UK – The Mobile Mandate. Ensuring that your website is smartphone friendly not only improves your google ranking but also improves user ability for customers.
  5. App provision – Online retailers are now looking at App’s to display their online catalogue. Tailored specifically for smartphone and tablet use, an App can create a more user-friendly experience for customers who are looking for a super slick purchasing process.
  6. Slow Loading - According to Kissmetrics studies, “a delay of just two seconds is enough to lose 40% of visiting customers. The two factors that affect speed the most are the web host’s RAM and bandwidth.” By using a dedicated server or a server based in the country where your customer base is at its largest will help to minimise this.

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