Online Retail has continued to demonstrate a positive increase and a solid start for the first part of 2018 with order volumes up by 9.6%b according to the IMRG.

Whilst the high street stores took another hit on sales due to the early year snowfall, online retail sales increased despite suffering the logistical pressures on delivery during the bad weather.

This was possibly due to the fact that whilst it was snowing outside, customers could order goods from the comfort of their own homes and had extra time to browse shopping sites rather than carrying out their usual daily commitments – it accordingly enabled online retailers to do perform very well.

During 2014 smartphone retail accounted for just 24% of online retail sales according to recent data provided by Adobe. As of March, this year, smartphone retail sales now account for 43% of total online sales. The figure has almost doubled in just 4 years and is set to only increase further.

With this statistic in mind, it is paramount that online retailers design their online shop for the smartphone customer user to capture sales across all platforms and devices. This is opposed to the more traditional way of retailers purely just testing their online shop on a desktop computer to see how quickly the pages would load, understand the navigational experience, analyse how pages displayed and test the transaction facility.

Smartphone retail is set to grow further

With Smartphone retail shopping set to grow further and the introduction of audio shopping not far behind it, the way in which retailers now design their shopping experience for customers should be highly tested on all smartphones across the board – all these aspects are still key to the smartphone shopping experience and so testing on hand held device is as a priority. Not having your smartphone retail in place as a business could be detrimental to losing a customer out to a competitor.

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