Getting the highest profit for selling your Amazon online retail business is number one priority for business people looking to maximise the sale of their Amazon business.

Building an Amazon online retail business from the start takes time, effort and investment but do it right and owners can reap positive rewards. As online sales are set to rise by 8-12% over the coming year, according to the national retail federation of e-commerce retail, the number of businesses owners operating through the Amazon platform is certainly set to grow.

Amazon Successfully Support Independent Amazon Online Retail Business through FBA

In 2016 there were over 2 million third party Amazon sellers in operation and this figure continues to grow. Many of which operate small businesses from home or small stores where they can micro manage their product range through the Amazon platform. Most third partly sellers are now turning to Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) in order to sell their product because they recognise the benefits of the service. Being an Amazon FBA seller, allows businesses to take advantage of reduced shipping prices through Amazon Prime, use the Amazon fulfilment and customer service facilities, plus, compete profitably against non-FBA sellers.

Unlike other online platforms such as Ebay, Amazon FBA takes care of many of the behind the scenes technicalities from shipping to returns and customer service, freeing up time for their sellers to focus more on providing products whilst utilising their efficient yet streamlined service.

When operating an Amazon online retail business with either FBA or non-FBA, Amazon Insurance is essential for the protection of both the product and your reputation. Here at Crendon insurance we protect Amazon FBA businesses with our bespoke Amazon Online Retail FBA insurance.  This can of course include businesses using alternative fulfilment operations, drop-shipping and global export as part of their dispatch strategy. For further information, please contact Crendon Insurance to find out how we can support your business.

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