The Office for National Statistics demonstrated that shopping online rose by 15.3% over the past year. This marked as a record high of 18.2% of all retail sales and was up from 2013 when just £1 in £10 was spent online.

Whilst this is great news for shopping online websites, it seems that more could be done by retailers to tune into their customers so as not to lose them to their competitors. Going up against the bigger online retailers is also a challenge! With the likes of Amazon and eBay having much larger budgets to spend on marketing and back office services, it is essential that the smaller online retailers get their approach right from the start.

A recent survey carried out by CitizenZ, investigated online retail use of 1000 UK adults to find out how they feel about their experience when shopping online. The statistics highlighted some important areas of feedback for where improvements could still be made by online retailers so that they may enhance the customer online shopping experience.

The biggest problems of shopping online included:

  • The item you are looking for is out of stock – 64%
  • Unexpected charges on top of your purchase – 46%
  • What you buy is not delivered on time / when expected – 39%
  • What you want is only available abroad – 34%
  • It takes a long time to find what you want – 32%

Interestingly 94% of Brits start their search for a product via Amazon, eBay or a search engine before they look further afield. This leaves little opportunity for online retailers to gain exposure and so can limit their presence online.

Often customers searching for a product will be price led and feel that the big player sites such as Amazon and eBay will offer the lowest / best price, however this is not always the case as often the biggest sites are SEO driven which means they’ll be showing back results on products where the most SEO investment has been placed rather than the cheapest product.

Data is also a big bug bear for customers making purchases online.  How our data is stored and used is particularly important to customers with 84% of UK users now concerned as to how their data is used compared to one year ago.

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