In partnership with XYZPrinting, well known toy store ToysRUs has just launched the first child friendly 3D printer. In addition, Toy producers Hasbro has just filed its first patent to create the first 3D scanner which will allow a child to scan their favourite toy and output it to a 3D Printer. In collaboration with Shapeways, Hasbro has joined forces to offer its designs for sale on a 3D printing online marketplace.

As we embark on the next chapter of 3D printing and additive manufacturing it all sounds very exciting, however some may be wondering why toy producers would do this when it is certain the technology could affect their own businesses as it becomes more mainstream and used more widely. It is this catalyst which is the reason why these businesses are actually looking at ways to embrace the technology.

Years ago, it was the music industry that came up against a similar issue, when music downloads became so popular to obtain yet the opportunity to copy and share also became so much easier. Implementing infringements and suing illegitimate sharing sites through legal processes has often proved to be costly for music publishers and in some cases, has damaged their reputation. The music industry soon learnt that by offering the downloads at an affordable cost to their customers, that their market would embrace them and continue to use them with aspiration of buying an authentic copy.

Toy producers have learnt from the Music Industry

By opening up IP licensing to allow 3D printer users to access the designs at an affordable cost allows toy companies to work in harmony with re-producers and sellers rather than against them.

As Toy producers use 3D printing to streamline manufacturing processes within business, it could be key to saving on costs, streamlining supply chains and reducing production time. If you are looking into integrate this type of process into your business then please contact our 3D printing insurance consultants. We offer experience in Intellectual Property and copyright protection insurance in order that companies may operate and stay protected effectively.

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