As business cyber security continues to be an on-going daily challenge for Managers and Directors across the UK and senior leaders try their hardest to reiterate the importance of staying safe when using IT equipment at work.  UK Businesses now need to cover many aspects of business cyber security – training staff so that they receive the correct knowledge and tools to combat a cyber-attack, ensuring that their IT equipment is up to scratch and checking that policies and procedures are in place.

Whilst for the older generation, assessing responsibility for managing business cyber security can be seem daunting and require changes within the workplace that may not have had consideration before, for the younger generation this type of practice is now becoming second nature to the way in which they work.

Having been brought up using IT in everyday activity at home and in education, young people are becoming extremely savvy on what to look out for in terms of cyber threat.

Combating Business Cyber Security starts with training

In a new initiative by the UK government to encourage young students and individuals who have an interest in IT and cyber to get involved.  The Ministry of Defence cadet organisations and the GCHQ National Cyber Security Centre have come together to ‘equip over 2,000 cadets a year with the skills and expertise to become future leaders in this emerging industry’.

Their £1million investment is designed to educate the cadets on the fundamentals of cyber security and to teach them on how to protect IT systems from a cyber-attack.

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