The UK government have recently set outlines for business who are using IUK IOT in the manufacture of their products amidst of data breaches over recent years.

With UK house-holds expected to own and run more than 10 UK IOT devices by 2020 according to, IOT is becoming more and more prevalent within our lives and the everyday products that we use, both at home and within the work place. Everything from home smart meters to toys and voice activation systems in audio and visual gadgets are becoming more popular in an effort to enhance our lives, feed us greater knowledge and enable us to be more efficient.  However, the industry has come under high levels of scrutiny because of easy opportunity access for hackers to intercept and gain control over our personal gadgets.

Securing UK IOT is about to get tighter

This is about to change under new legislation by the UK government. Up to now securing gadgets and password protection has almost been seen as a side line option to manufacturers who are producing products. Often they include factory settings which can then access the brain of the product through a single generic password which is the same for every product they are producing. The new legislation will change this as factory settings will no longer be driven by a single password and all devices using app technology will need to be encrypted.

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