Of those countries surveyed, 76% Dutch retailers promote through an online shop followed by 72% of UK retailers. France scored the lowest at just 42% and retail sectors such as clothes and shoe shops lead the way in e-commerce whilst DIY shops are least likely to use the facility to connect with customers.

Online shops for mobile are significantly lagging in making use of the technology to create responsive e-commerce website which are mobile friendly, however the UK is leading the way on this, with 40% having a mobile friendly online shop.

Up to very recently high street retailers were concerned that online retail could take over the high-street presence for operating a store. However, it now seems that there is recognition for a need for both shop and online presence in order to sustain a long-term existence within the retail market, so that varying audiences may be reached, depending on their needs.

How the ‘Omni Approach’ is enhancing Retail Business!

Known as the ‘Omni approach’. Having a high-street store with an online store and an app for easy access is now seen to be the most streamlined and effective approach for retail businesses.

According to cloudtags, “Omnichannel is about true continuity of your experience”. By offering customers a seamless experience which crosses from high street department to social media and online shop using an App, offers the consumer the ultimate experience in purchasing a product from wherever their location and / or time of the day maybe.

If they are out on the high street with some time to enjoy the experience, then they can try the garment on.  If they have some free time at work or are travelling on a train or bus, then they can read about the garment and order at any time throughout the day.

For those keen fashion buyers who want to know what’s hot that week, then they can read about it through retail business customer reviews on social media, or showcases on blogs and decide as to whether they would like to buy it. It’s about being accessible from all angles and reaching out too many types of cliental.

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