There is no doubt that with the COVID epidemic of 2020, the need for greater technological advance across the private and public sector has been apparent. With regards to this, 3D printed products are also playing a fundamental part in development, with the need for printed PPE to protect medical staff, additive manufacturing has demonstrated new and innovative uses.

With many colleges and schools now examining as to how 3D printing could be applied to innovation and product design. Science, engineering, and design departments are coming together to explore how they can collaborate to create certified 3D printed products for future use.

3D printed products will create supply independence

Its not just about the types of 3D printed products that could be produced, but also the volume at which they can be printed. The intention is that by printing in this method, could give way to the old style of purchasing through a supply chain, whereby manufacturers would have to wait days / weeks / months for parts.  Instead, they will have the opportunity to take control of their supply chains and print independently or use a 3D printing / additive manufacturer supplier, much closer to home.  It makes sense that this type of outsource service is available to companies, as they can run several 3D printers, within a single premises, at the same time and also stock a broad range of filament.

3D print houses will be able to supply to many types of industry from Automotive, Medical and Engineering, to Construction, Education and Leisure.

There is also an opportunity for manufacturers who produce white goods, to print 3D parts. Spare parts and replacement parts become a burden to stock and can be problematic, especially if a product becomes obsolete. Having the alternative option to 3D print the part as and when its required could be far more economical for the business whilst offering good quality customer service.

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