2021 Blockchain is rapidly developing as a base network for building new and innovative digital IT systems which could become an integral platform for many organisational systems of the future. Here are some of the advances in which 2021 Blockchain is anticipated to make progress.

Accessing blockchain domains via a web browser – According to a recent article bytechdar.com, domain company ‘Unstoppable Domains’ has just released the first crypto addresses. The difference in these domains compared to the current style of domain name, is that they are purchased via a one-off fee as opposed to running on a subscription basis. These new domains are written onto a public blockchain which means that they are secure, free from hacker interception or issues with downtime.  Additionally, cryptocurrency wallet owners can use their own domain to send and receive cryptocurrency securely.

The popularity of cryptocurrency is rising – The recent investment by Elon Musk and his innovative car company Tesla bought widespread media attention to the world of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin soaring even higher in value. Furthermore, UK property company Property Vine, has recently announced that they will be accepting Bitcoin and other virtual currencies as means of payment from vendors and landlords.  With blockchain forming the base network behind all varieties of cryptocurrency, it is anticipated that investment in cryptocurrency will rapidly increase throughout 2021.

Working SMARTER – Businesses across the globe are advancing to new methods of working and blockchain is at the heart of it. In the case of many companies and supply chains, administering paperwork, can be a real chore. Not only does it take time to access resources or wait for copies to be sent, but the mislaying or tampering of documents can also be problematic when trying to complete a contract. With the further development of 2021 blockchain technology, these burdens could be eliminated as storing documents on the network would give immediate access across supply chains. Many industries could benefit from 2021 blockchain such as healthcare, property estate agents and conveyances, recruitment and HR, logistical companies whereby paperwork needs to be access by more than one organisation within their sector to complete a transaction or make a decision.

Looking to develop 2021 blockchain for your business?

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