Here at Crendon Insurance Ltd we often cover topics on 3D printing and artificial intelligence. Reporting on the progress of the 3D printing industry and how it is modernising many sectors including manufacturing, construction and automotive has taken our interest for some years now. Whilst in addition, over more recent months, we have begun highlighting the expansion of AI (artificial intelligence) and how it too, is changing the way in which humans will engage with products of the future.

So, have you ever thought about how 3D printing and artificial intelligence might come together?

Over the last few years, 3D printing has demonstrated as real ‘gamechanger’ in the world of manufacturing. Offering the ability to produce several copies of the same component at a much lower cost, cutting out the middle man to save transportation cost and time and allowing new and innovative entrepreneurs to realise their designs more independently by installing much lower cost 3D printers on-site, has provided just some of the benefits to the growth of the 3D printing industry.

Now integrate these revolutionary pieces with AI and suddenly the innovators and entrepreneurs can take the technology up to another level.

“Applying the same deep learning techniques that have led to great strides in improving speech recognition, image analysis, language translation and any number of gaming triumphs, with AI’s skills at processing vast amounts of data and recognizing patterns, could expand the field of 3D-printed designs to innovative robotics and medical applications, among other uses.” It states on the website – AI Fueling Next Wave of 3D Printing and Robotics.

Whilst these new methods of working are still in their infancy, designers are starting small but anticipating that one day they could revolutionise the medical and manufacturing industry’s who use robotics for processes. The ability to print robots and robot mechanisms and then apply AI technology so that they can efficiently move effortlessly is just the beginning of the new technology age.

Is your business using 3D printing and artificial intelligence at the source of manufacturing products? Supporting businesses to realise their ideas to bring to market, Crendon Insurance Ltd provides bespoke insurance packages which cover intellectual property through to IT cover in cyber security and digital protection. For more information please speak to our 3D printing and artificial intelligence team today to find out how we could support your business.

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