UK framers are taking advantage of 3D printing technology by printing their own farm machinery parts. Over the years, farmers have often come up against huge challenges when sourcing replacement parts which are often in short supply. By printing their own farm machinery parts, farmers can promptly fix machines, for a much lower cost.

Printing machinery parts is a great resource for the farming industry

Running a farm is often costly, with animal vet bills, the rising price of feed and heavy electric / fuel prices, profit margins can be extremely tight. Regularly known for being resourceful, farmers will often ‘cannibalise other machines’ to fix another, according to a recent article by the – Farmers reap the rewards of 3D printing spare parts.  By being able to print their own components offers more flexibility but at a fraction of the cost, and at a time when the cost of living is so high.

Greater reliance on 3D printing to save on cost

With 3D printers becoming far more affordable to everyday SME businesses, growth in the 3D market is set to expand fiercely over coming years. As with the example above, the greatest asset to businesses in using a 3D printer, is that parts can immediately be made for much less. This cuts down cost and supply chain / delivery waiting times, plus reduces over ordering and extra storage space as machinery parts can be printed on demand.

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