Over recent years, Europe has seen the largest growth in 3D printing patent applications with an average annual growth rate of 36% from 2015 – 2018.

In a recent study by epo.org – Patents and additive manufacturing – Trends in 3D-printing technologies. It states that Europe is global leader in additive manufacturing with a market share of 47%. This affirms the fact that Europe has been working harder over recent years to become a global hub for digital innovation. Germany leads the majority with a 19.1% share of 3D printing patent applications.  The UK comes second with 5% and next is France, Switzerland and then the Netherlands.

This report is welcomed at a time when businesses are evaluating how they could improve their supply chain, especially in light of COVID which has seen shipments take much longer to be transported.

3D printing patent applications opens new doors

Coming from a digital foundation, not only does applying for 3D printing patent applications present new opportunities to business here in the UK.  The possibilities in design and manufacture production and supply are infinite. Furthermore, this also meets the desire to generate a slicker supply chain, with printers offering the opportunity to reduce lead times and print only as and when its needed which subsequently reduces waste; another aim which is currently high on the global agenda.

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