During April 2022, Selfridges were the first UK retailer to install a 3D upcycling robot into its Oxford Street store, London. Operating and positioned in the store window, the 3D upcycling robot exhibited as a mesmerising piece of sophisticated digital equipment to both passers-by and in-store visitors.

Designed by ABB, a European automation company, the business has joined up with home and furniture designer Nagami to produce high end interior products such as lampshades, vases, chairs, and stools, which can be browsed and ordered through a digital screen and then printed on-site.

Taking anything from 2 hours or more to print and starting at £155, these desirable homeware objects are stirring up conversation amongst Selfridges customers.

3D upcycling robot and reducing environmental impact

Highlighting the reduced impact on the environment and focusing on sustainable manufacturing, the 3D upcycling robot device not only uses recycled plastic within its polymers to print the products, but also cuts down delivery emissions and ordering time, as goods are printed on site whilst the customer waits.

Furthermore, this method of manufacturing provides another valid example for how 3D printing could be an advantage in reducing environmental impact for the retail sector of the future. Furthermore, maybe this is just the start of something which we will increasingly see featured in retail stores across the UK.

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