…according to global research by leading innovator of Additive Manufacturing – Essentium. Throughout 2020, the COVID pandemic has accelerated additive manufacturing investment with large-scale manufacturing more than doubling in orders for over 70% of manufacturers. Moving large-scale production runs of hundreds of thousands of products to additive manufacturing to keep supply chains flowing through the crisis has been invaluable.

Whilst the shift has been had to be forced quite considerably. In the future, UK manufacturers could now find themselves in a global, leading and competitive position when producing 3D printing components. This gives the opportunity to alleviate supply chain disruption and reduce lead times rather than waiting for overseas supply chains and stock held at ports.

Looking forward for UK manufacturing

For businesses who are looking to determine more long-term success, investing in digital resources will be key to surmounting their growth. Factory digitalisation, 3D printing / additive manufacturing and the utilisation of robotic automation are just three major digital trends which are set to grow over the coming year.

Unlike traditional forms of manufacturing, 3D printing does not have to be based in a specific geographical area. Because of its digital basis, products can be produced from anywhere around the country by small businesses up to greater scaled companies. As a result, it is hoped that start-up businesses and diversification will emerge in this field in the Midlands and the North of England regions where historically manufacturing has always been recognised as influential areas for the UK.  This will be made possible, under a new funded project called ‘Project Defend’ following demand for manufacturing services under the circumstances of the COVID pandemic.

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