Artificial Intelligence is pushing the boundaries in digital technology by offering a new type of digital interaction through machine learning. It fuses digital technology with human like performances to bring the most advanced IT systems.

What are the advantages in using machine learning?

  1. AI increases performance and efficiency in terms of the time that it takes to carry out a task
  2. It is extremely useful for repetitive tasks which can ease the workload for humans
  3. AI reduces human error
  4. Continually works 24/7 365 days a year and doesn’t require downtime
  5. Provides the opportunity for mass market production
  6. Machine learning improves decision making
  7. Improves security by stopping hackers and provides assistance
  8. Provides essential data management to detect patterns, to help owners, take action, make goals or risk assess
  9. Observes behaviour to detect anomalies and flag or correct problems
  10. It is versatile across many industries from healthcare and fitness to manufacturing and engineering, transport and leisure, sales and administration.

Some major challenges for automating processes using machine learning include:

  1. There is still limited knowledge of AI throughout industries, with only technology enthusiasts, students and researchers keen to develop machine learning
  2. AI requires super computers to operate their processes. It can be extremely expensive to run as they need to drive algorithms and significant amounts of data.
  3. AI requires creating the scripts to process the tasks which can be complicated. The Kaseya Automation Exchange – provides a central location with more than 800 scripts for developers who are looking to utilise existing and tested scripts for their own developments.

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