In future, AI automation is set to manage cyber security far more effectively than human management, with the capability to even take over IT jobs, according to a recent article by

Two-fifths of IT leaders (41%) believe that artificial intelligence (AI) will make them redundant within the next 10 years.

With the certainty that AI automation can do the job better, AI technology could be adopted on a much wider scale by many companies within the next 10 years. The positive aspects of artificial intelligence are that it understands processes far more efficiently in both accuracy and speed, than any human could accomplish.

Not only are their advantages in its efficiency but also in cost savings to organisations in terms of employment.  Once implemented AI automation is fairly low cost to run, and as a long-term business plan, inevitably companies will consider this. Healthcare and manufacturing industries are already looking at how they can implement AI automation to relieve staff of basic duties.

AI automation won’t replace human interactivity

What is certain is that despite the hype around ‘general intelligence’, which is so often portrayed in sci-fi films, is that as humans we won’t be completely managed by AI when human interactivity is such a valuable commodity.  There are circumstances where AI cannot master human skills – social interaction and creativity or complex work, still require human sources to innovate. Managing and service AI machines will also give humans the opportunity to develop new skills in technology.

Is your business looking to implement AI automation technology?

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