AI computer technology known as Artificial Intelligence is gaining momentum in the media as tech companies investigate new ways in which AI could be used to facilitate daily activity within businesses.  Although still in its infancy, AI computer technology is being recognised for its ability to imitate human behavior – to think and do as a human would.

Nonetheless and before employees need to worry about their job roles being taken over by robots, we must remember that the human brain is a powerful organ which shouldn’t be underestimated.  Our ability to make choices, change our minds or pause a situation within a split second can far outweigh the ability of AI computer technology.  The challenge for AI is how the technology will interpret these types of human thought process so that it makes the right decisions in the future.

The types of AI Computer Technology

Sectors such as digital banking, marketing, online shopping, online investment, customer service and healthcare are all embracing AI computer technology.  Split into two categories AI is recognised in ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Natural Language’.

Machine learning – Works on statistical methods by examining large data patterns to improve experiences i.e. targeted advertising which sends adverts to a particular audience based on their previous searches and by appearing in their feeds or sending messages.

Natural Language – By processing speech recognition, this type of AI computer technology interprets a command given by a user to send information back i.e. Alexa, Google Assistant and Chatbox will interpret a command to send back or store information on your behalf.

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