Astonishingly AI digital technology is looking set to revolutionise the healthcare sector, with new and advanced methods of working with new digital innovation to replace X-Rays, create image recognition and camera detection, plus automating the planning of radiotherapy. All these new machine learning processes will provide the opportunity to drive analytics back to central monitoring systems and produce speedier processes with accurate statistics.

In addition, Alibaba has just announced that it has developed artificial intelligence technology which is competently able to detect infections such as the existing health concern – Coronavirus with 96% accuracy and in a time frame of just 20 seconds.

With a UK health service already working beyond its limits, AI digital technology could finally be the saviour it has been waiting for.  Offering the ability to provide improved reliability, whilst saving on staffing resources and providing time saving methods with statistic accuracy could prove to revolutionise the healthcare sector.  Developing this level of AI digital technology could also become a great export for the UK of the future.

Developing with AI digital technology

Going forward the challenge for innovators will be to produce compatible hardware and software which can conform together to provide effective services which operate seamlessly and reliably.  Cyber security and GDPR data protection should also be at the forefront in the design process when perfecting new equipment and services.

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