It’s not all bad news! Pandemic’s can actually drive the desire for change along with the inspiration for new AI innovation. Through this unfortunate situation, COVID has brought many new discussions within the digital sector in terms of health, property access and remote working. How we deal with these aspects in going forward could now really change our mindsets in contrast to anything that we have known in the past. Building a new digital foundation for controlling these aspects could be the answer and artificial intelligence – AI innovation stands at the heart of it.

Managing buildings including large offices often have complex heating and air-conditioning systems, which have to be manually set by property site managers and do not always respond to occupants need.  Coupled with the fact that here in the UK our weather temperatures can be very sporadic with hot and cold, can create a less than ideal environment to work in. If office buildings were driven through AI innovation, then they could respond more promptly to temperature changes. Supported with analytical software which gauges temperature in real time, plus how many occupants are in the building.

Furthermore, controlling access within office buildings based on sensors and biometrics could offer greater security into areas which needed most. This type of security reduces the need for as many security staff and creates a more centralised system in property surveillance.

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