As Christmas 2018 fast approaches, yet again Amazon are not visibly taking a back seat in terms of the gadget market especially in their expansion of the IOT market sector.  Following Amazon’s past year’s success when their debut home assistant Alexa became a popular Christmas present, the company is now planning on launching a new range of approximately eight Alexa based products in time for Christmas 2018.

Some of the Alexa gadgets include a microwave oven, a receiver, an amplifier and an in-car gadget.  Amazon’s strategic and subtle aim with these IOT products is to not only make our homes more gadget-friendly, it also pitches the company successfully in the IOT market sector against and even ahead of some competitive rivals who are also seeking to launch their Christmas product of the year.  Amazon’s longer-term plan is its clever method of connecting its IOT products to its own Amazon Prime store to take care of repeat ordering of consumables, thus generating longer term revenues from its ‘one off gift’ purchase.

How Amazon is propelling the IOT market sector

Making our homers ‘smarter’ is one of Amazon’s greatest visions for the IOT market sector and is revolutionising the next digital age.  By encouraging people at home, in the office or car, to move from computer ordering to audio ordering is now fulfilling their ambition.

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