April 26th marked Intellectual Property Day here in the UK. Whereby, companies are reminded of the importance in protecting their ideas and designs before sharing with investors and prospective supply chain partners.

Intellectual Property Day Toolkit

To promote Intellectual Property Day, the UK government has released a set of free online tools to help SME’s bring their ideas to market.

The IP for business toolkit and training facility, demonstrates how companies can benefit from implementing IP and encourages companies to research into the benefits by saying that, “Its never too late!”.

The aim of the tools is to help business owners understand:

  1. How IP works
  2. Explore patents, copyright, trademarks and designs
  3. How to manage IP
  4. Consider how to use IP in business planning
  5. How to use IP to protect a business and its products

The IP Tools include:

  1. IP Health Check – Identify and understand IP for your own business.
  2. IP Equip – The learning tool arms business owners and advisors with knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights, by covering the basics in patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs.
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreement Template – Provided for businesses working with other people
  4. B2B toolkit – Gives information, advice and guidance to companies working with other businesses, in terms of preparing for initial discussions, preparing contracts and collaboration
  5. IP Investment – Identifying IP assets and how IP is protected for investors

To find out more about Intellectual Property Day and the UK government toolkit please visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-ipos-free-online-tools-helping-smes-take-their-ideas-to-market

If you have worked incredibly hard to develop an idea, understanding more about how to protect your patent, trademark, copyright or design with intellectual property insurance is imperative.  Here at Crendon Insurance, our IP team can offer a confidential review of your business idea to discuss the best method in safeguarding your idea. We provide commercial insurance protection in many areas of innovation, from digital technology insurance and 3D printing insurance to entrepreneurial startup business insurance.

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