IOT products are infiltrating into our daily lives at a rapid pace and so too is the introduction of company IOT. Using SMART tv’s in conference and meeting rooms or SMART assistant devices in offices is now not uncommon as companies across the UK look towards investing in new digital equipment and upgrading their IT systems.

Company IOT digital equipment provides many benefits. Streaming video in presentations to give a dynamic edge to a delivery or using live conference calling to connect staff in other locations are just some of the positive methods for using company IOT.

So, what should businesses need to be wary of when using company IOT?

Just like using IOT in a home, businesses also need to keep their devices secure as they too are not adverse to the threat of a cyber-crime hack.

Companies should act vigilantly around using company IOT by using the following steps:

  1. Put all IOT on a separate network to standard office devices such as computers, laptops and printers – this will help to isolate should a device become compromised.
  2. Install anti-virus software to protect all gadgets and combat against malware.
  3. Update all passwords from the factory default on newly installed IOT products.
  4. Be aware of who and what IOT devices are connecting into the servers, especially smaller devices such as SMART assistants which could go unnoticed in an office.
  5. Read the literature of the SMART TV in the conference room and know how to turn off the microphone and camera when not in use.

To find out more about how you can protect your business when using company IOT please contact our team here at Crendon Insurance Ltd.  We protect businesses on many levels and relation in relation to IOT and cyber security.  Providing policies such as IOT insurance, cyber attack insurance and GDPR data protection insurance we tailor policies based on business operations and what equipment they operate.

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