Christmas means be more IOT aware

Gentleman using his silver mobile phone smiling

SMART technology is an ever-growing market and IOT products make a great Christmas gift for many reasons. Not only are they unique, but they can also help people to save time or maybe help them feel more secure. Kettles which turn on via an app whilst the user is out of the room or lights which can be turned off when they out of the house and a doorbell camera which helps owners to see who is at the door before opening can be really helpful.

Furthermore, with connectivity continually improving through Wifi and the likes of new 5G, gadgets are becoming more popular at home and at work. Yet there are draw backs in terms of security and so it is important to know what to look out for to prevent your gadget and other digital connected devices from becoming a cyber risk.

If you are looking for an IOT gift for someone this Christmas, then it’s important to check that the product carries a BSI trademark. Through their trusted framework, they have created a kitemark which primarily focuses on security and functionality by helping “consumers confidently identify connected products which they can trust to be safe, secure and fit for purpose”.

Currently there are 3 different types of Kitemark schemes:

  • Residential – Products used in a residential environment
  • Commercial – Products used in a commercial environment
  • Enhanced – Residential or commercial products for high value/ high risk applications

To gain the kitemark, developers and manufacturers need to have achieved and maintained ISO9001, pass tests in functionality, interoperability, and security, plus receive ongoing monitoring and assessment.

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