On the 31st January 2020 the UK officially left the EU, following the UK referendum to leave and subsequent years of discussion. Whilst the process will still take some time to complete due to various pieces of legislation that will need to be finalised, one of those aspects which is now under a legislation review is Intellectual Property.

Legislation Review Facts

Whilst the intellectual property legislation review takes place, here is the facts to consider in relation to UK Intellectual Property:

  1. There is now a temporary transition period, during this time EU law still applies.
  2. During the transition period, the UK will transfer all EU trademarks and designs into UK rights.
  3. Owners of pending EU trademarks will have 9 months to apply for the same protection in the UK.
  4. Internal registrations with an extension will continue to be protected by the UK.
  5. The European patent Office is not an EU agency. This means that European patents which cover the UK will not be affected.
  6. The official exit day for the UK to leave the EU is 21st January 2021
  7. The UK IPO does not intend to charge separately or issue separate certificates for any changes made in respect of Brexit.
  8. Applicants are encouraged to check expiry dates on trademarks as the UK ICO has suggested that it may not send out its usual reminder information.
  9. New applications can still be made through the EU service throughout the transition period
  10. You can find out more about IP guidance and the legislation review on the UK.Gov website – https://www.gov.uk/guidance/eu-trademark-protection-and-comparable-uk-trademarks#stay-up-to-date

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