Recently the UK government extended rules to encourage the use of British steel within all public sectors contracts. Following this ruling, this positive step has encouraged the likes of local authority organisations such as Network Rail and Highways England to consider “the social and economic impact of the steel they source” rather than solely choosing the cheapest option, which has often been the case in previous years. Further to this, contractors working on public projects are also obliged to advertise for their steel requirements in order to give UK companies a fair chance against foreign competitors.

The new legislation is part of a package to protect the British Steel Industry as it faces tough competition in light of recent cheap Chinese imports. It has also been welcomed at such a crucial time as Indian owned company Tata in Port Talbot, South Wales is currently in talks with the UK Government and interested buyers to save the steel works, which was originally built in 1901.

Further to this sanction, the UK government has promised to draw up a list of approved British steel suppliers who will be required to meet tough standards around health & safety, environmental impact, responsible sourcing & supply chain management. Together, these provide future sustainability and growth, whilst plans to support and train regional workforces through necessary qualifications including apprenticeships to keep vital skills and working methods alive will offer the ability to hand down valued experience through generations.

High Standards for UK British Steel

Great Britain is well-known for its honest and accomplished reputation and is recognised for providing high standards within manufacturing. By utilising our own resources, we can prevent heavily invested projects from going abroad which advances further than the product itself but rather drills down into the supply chain within whole communities and creates greater prospects for companies and their employees all over the UK.

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